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Tuesday, July 10
8:30 - Technology Tools for a Student Centered Classroom
8:30 - Vocabulary in the Digital Age
9:45 - Vocabulary in the Digital Age
11:00 -  Increasing Engagement and Accountability with Nearpod

Wednesday, July 11
8:30 - Stop Motion Videos in the Elementary Classroom
8:30 - Technology Tools for a Student Centered Classroom
8:30 - Using Technology to Create Authentic Assessments
9:45 - Using Technology to Create Authentic Assessments
9:45 - Stop Motion Videos in the Elementary Classroom
12:15 -  Bridging Gaps in Concepts Using Stop Motion Animation
12:30 -  Sparkle with Adobe Spark in the Classroom - Creativity and Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum
avatar for Ashley Anne Blackwell

Ashley Anne Blackwell

Greenville County Schools
Instructional technologist
Chandler Creek Elementary
As a technology specialist, it is my goal to prepare students for the future. New advances in technology are constantly changing the way we work, play, interact, teach, and learn. It is my job to make sure that students have the knowledge, interest, and ability to function in a technology dominated world. Students need to be creative problem solvers, innovative thinkers, and able to adapt to change. We need to prepare students for a technology dominated future- a future where without this knowledge they may not be prepared to compete for future jobs.

Technology has become a part of the human experience. Technology is integrated into every part of our lives. It plays a prominant role in our homes, our shopping experiences, our health care systems, our transportation, and the only place it seems to be lacking is in our classrooms. We cannot continue to teach children in the same antiquated ways and expect children to be engaged with pencil and paper and lecture when they are bombarded with exciting programming and gaming in their personal lives. It is my goal to inform, enlighten, teach, and demystify the use of technology in the classroom so that teachers can make learning interesting and engaging for today's learners.

I believe that technology is tool that will allow the student to create and learn. I don't believe that teachers should limit the use of technology tools or require students to use a technology tool for a single purpose. Teachers need to put the tool in the students' hands and let them create! A tool such as a iPad is an instrument. When put in the hands of a student it can be used to create a masterpiece- if you let them.